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Discharge Planning from FormAL Medical

News| Uncategorised| 2nd June 2020

Did you know that FormAL Medical can help with all your discharge needs? Free-up more beds, using super efficient discharge planning With 100% dedication and years of experience, FormAL designs bespoke hospital discharge packages, assisting with the most streamlined processes for patient discharges. Visit our discharge information page to find out more –

Seating Considerations for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

News| 28th November 2018
spinal cord injuries seating

Spinal Cord Injury Spinal cord injuries or SCI occur when there has been damage to the spinal cord due to compression, stretching or tearing. The resulting loss of sensation or physical function can take many forms and are dependent on the position of the injury, and the severity of the damage. Symptoms can range from muscle […]

The importance of pressure care management using the most appropriate cushion

News| 22nd October 2018
pressure care management using the most appropriate cushion

These cushions are specifically designed to provide pressure relief for those who have high levels of pressure care needs.  The cushions will reduce the risk level of pressure sores developing for people who are spending long periods of time sitting in chairs or wheelchairs. The cushions will help significantly, to improve comfort and positioning, through […]

Occupational therapy and Parkinsons Disease

News| 3rd October 2018
Occupational Therapy and Parkinsons disease

Occupational Therapy (OT) focuses on helping people of all ages perform daily tasks, which have become difficult to do. OT practitioners help disabled children fully participate in school activities, they help injured people recover skills and support older aged adults who suffer from cognitive and physical changes. How can Occupational Therapy Help Patients with Parkinson’s […]

Specialist seating for dementia

News| 28th August 2018
Careflex HydroTilt Specialist Chair

Seating for dementia needs to offer security and safety for the user.  An experience of security and safety in the chair will lead to a more relaxed sitting period. This will help them become more able to adjust to the support and care given.  Having the right seating can help with providing the user with a […]

What to Look for When Choosing a Chair for an Elderly Person 

News| 31st July 2018
Chair for an Elderly Person

Sometimes looking for the right chair for your loved one or your patient it can be difficult to decide on what is best for them and their care needs. We have put together a list of what to consider when choosing the chair for an elderly person: How does the person transfer into and out […]

Product Spotlight: the Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

News| 21st June 2018
Product Spotlight: the Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

The Careflex Hydrotilt Chair is fast becoming a popular choice for both patients and healthcare professionals. Designed with both of them in mind, the Express Range chair offers a wide range of configurations, comfort and pressure care management options. Caregivers find our chairs easy to move, manage, clean, and maintain, while the user’s every need […]

The Felgains FormAL Express Range

News| 31st May 2018
Express Range - Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

Utilising more than 30 years of experience with the NHS and healthcare professionals, we are a premium supplier of posture and pressure care products and seating solutions. Our dedicated team work with care professionals, patients and family members to ensure the right seating solution and enhance quality of life for users of their specialist seating. […]

The Guide to Specialist Seating in the Care Home

News| 23rd April 2018
The Guide To Specialist Seating in the Care Home

Specialist seating involves correcting and accommodating postures, achieving stable positioning, alignment, and pressure area care. We have over 30 years’ experience servicing the healthcare industry. We cater to care homes and care facilities with real expert advice that you can count on. Let our team of Product Advisers support those in your care today. Our […]

Why is Pressure Care Management Important for Seating?

News| 27th March 2018
Why is Pressure Care Management Important for Seating?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the most important. Not only does it act as a protect barrier from the outside environment, but it is critical in performing other functions such as temperature regulation and circulation. However, the skin can become damaged over time, if the necessary care and […]


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